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What We Do

The Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals ("AAPP") is a non-profit professional association made up of students, legal assistants, paralegals and industry supporters of the legal profession in Alberta.

The Association was first formed in 1981 to recognize legal assistants for the independent work they performed.  Senior legal assistants, with their vast knowledge and experience, filled an important support role performing legal services as paralegals.

Today, we are an alliance of legal professionals providing continuing education, mentorship, recognition and networking opportunities for our members.  The AAPP is working to advance Paralegals in Alberta through a paralegal specific credential, which clarifies the role and raises the profile of paralegals.

The AAPP wishes to thank our many volunteers and supporters for making the continued success of our association possible.


2024 Legal Support Professional Conference & Awards Gala

October 1-3, 2024 - Fantasyland Hotel & Conference Centre

For more information, please click here.


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