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What is the AAPP?

The Association was originally formed in 1981 to provide recognition for Legal Assistants who wanted to be accredited for the independent work they performed.  Senior legal assistants, with their vast knowledge and experience, filled an important support role of performing legal services as paralegals.

Our current Association consists of both Legal Assistants and Paralegals working under the supervision of a lawyer, judge or justice.

I am a legal assistant.  Can I apply for membership?

Yes you can.  As long as you have graduated from a recognized legal assistant program, you are eligible for a legal assistant membership with the AAPP.

What is the difference between a legal assistant and a paralegal?

Legal assistants perform administrative tasks (dictation, meeting/travel arrangements, filing, billing, etc.).

Paralegals work independently and perform substantive law work (drafting pleadings, interviewing clients, attending trials/hearings/questioning).  Paralegals also bill their time to client files.

Are paralegals regulated in Alberta?

At present, paralegals are not regulated in Alberta.  However, the AAPP is currently actively working on a bid to have the profession regulated.

If paralegals become regulated, what will that mean for the profession?

Regulation of paralegals means that all paralegals will be subject to a certification and licensing process.  There will be minimum education requirements, and a certification exam.  This will ensure quality of service and most importantly, protection of the public.

What are your membership fees?

Paralegal Membership - $120.00 per year

Independent Paralegal Membership - $120.00 per year

Legal Support Professional Membership - $100.00 per year

Affiliate Membership - $100.00 per year

Student Membership - $20.00 per year

Corporate Membership - $300.00 per year

Alumni Membership - $100.00 per year

How can I pay my membership dues?

The AAPP currently accepts payment via credit card though our online payment portal, or email money transfers.

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