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Mentorship Program

Registration for the AAPP mentorship program is now open!  For more information on this exciting program please click here.

What does it look like to be a Mentor with AAPP?

  • Light duty, typically just 4 or 5 one‐hour sessions spread over several months and at locations or by virtual means convenient to the mentor

  • Comfortable topics‐based conversation regarding industry and career related subjects that are important to the mentee

  • Meaningful opportunity

  • Chance to share their experiences and knowledge is satisfying and rewarding.

How the program works and PERKS of receiving Mentorship:

  • This topic‐expert mentoring program provides professional members / learners of all ages with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth through focused, one‐to‐one networking sessions with thought leaders in the industry. A learning and relationship opportunity.

  • Helps Professional AAPP members / gain career‐enhancing knowledge and insights on career paths they are following or may be considering.

  • Receive insight and guidance highly relevant to career development.

  • All registered mentees simultaneously will be able to book sessions by clicking on any of the meeting dates displayed in the mentors' profiles on our exclusive mentorship website. The intent is to provide two or more mentorship sessions, scheduled over a period of weeks or months typically 60 minutes in length.

** To sign up to be a mentor or mentee please contact Anastasia at:

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