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John McDonald

John brings 20 years experience in the Canadian Armed Forces and offers a unique perspective to both Administrative and Civil Legal issues across the west in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, he maintains primarily a civil litigation practice in small claims and residential tenancies and does some niche work with respect to Military Grievances and Veterans Affairs Appeals. John has been practicing in the realm of small claims, and litigation support to law firms since his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces in late 2016.


John is an experienced public administrator and has expanded his practice into the Alberta Court of Justice, the Provincial Courts of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Court of Kings Bench and many other administrative and quasi-judicial tribunals at all levels of government. John has appeared before Courts and tribunals in Alberta and British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

When John isn’t in the office, he can be found along the back roads of Alberta enjoying the mountains or on the Rugby pitch.


John is currently the President of the Millican-Ogden Community Association, the Past Chair of the City of Calgary "Friends of HMCS Calgary Committee", The Vice President Responsible for Discipline of the Calgary Rugby Union, and a High School Rugby Coach, In the winter he can be found pondering why his Calgary Flames just can’t hockey before the all-star break and occasionally chasing round pieces of granite down a narrow ice chute with a broom.


John also sits on the Law Society of Saskatchewan Code of Conduct Working Group as part of the Limited License Pilot Program.

John is a Limited Licence Pilot Program member with the Law Society of Saskatchewan, and holds a letter of no action from the Law Society of British Columbia

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